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Image of cupcake baby cupcake doll

cupcake baby cupcake doll

Product InformationA lovely interactive dolly for little ones to love. cuddle and care for.When it's time to play. tickle baby cupcake's tummy to hear her giggle and laugh happily. hold her hands and hear her talk. Pop on her bib. give her a lovely bottle...

Image of cupcake cuddle and care baby doll

cupcake cuddle and care baby doll

Product InformationCupcake is feeling poorly. she's crying and her cheeks are red. Check her heart with your stethoscope. take her temperature with your thermometer and give her some medicine until she giggles happily. closes her eyes and falls asleep.A...

Image of Cupcake Newborn Baby Boy Doll

Cupcake Newborn Baby Boy Doll

Product InformationThis beautiful baby doll is fun to care for. He looks just like a real newborn. with his wrist tag and belly button plaster. Dress him in his hat. booties. nappy and vest to keep him nice and warm. then give him a cuddle before he goes...

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